Tadano ATF70G-4

Crane Description

The Tadano ATF 70G-4 All Terrain Mobile Crane features 171' Main boom with a max tip hieght of 228' with full Jib extension. The Tadano ATF70G-4 offers alot of Versatilty and can easily maneuver on site with its all wheel steer 4 axle chassis.

Max Lifting Capacity: 78 tons

Max Lift Height: 228′

Boom Length: 36.1' - 171′

Maximum Working Radius: 151′

Number of Axles: 4

Jib Length: 29.5' - 52.5′

Drive: 8x6

Length: 494.1″



Crane Details

  • Crane Name:

    Tadano ATF70G-4

  • Crane Type:

    Mobile Crane

  • Capacity

    78 Ton

Download Load Chart

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